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Why Skincare Routines Should Be Gender Neutral

Why Skincare Routines Should Be Gender Neutral | Made For Me Skincare™

Skincare routines should generally be based on your skin type, daily habits and more. When you choose  products that are based on the suitability to your skin type, your skin will love you for it! What works for others may not necessarily work for you, unless you share the same skin type. How does gender figure into your choice of skincare products? It really maters a lot less than you may think!

What your skin needs depends on your skin type, regardless of gender. Simple. Skin is skin.

People of all genders need to care for their skin. It’s not really a gender thing. Skin health is a human thing! Not only does it help you feel good about yourself and avoid premature ageing, self care is also an important aspect of your overall health.

As knowledge about skin care continues to increase, more people are learning the value of having a daily skincare routine using products made for their individual skin type that includes cleansing, moisturising and applying serums.

There are specific product formulations and ingredients that are better for dry skin, others are best for oily skin or combination skin.

Why You Should Use Gender Neutral Products

Gender neutral products allows you to focus on the particulars of your own skin, instead of using a cleanser and moisturizer that may not suit your skin type but is marketed toward men or women.

Many skincare companies use colourful packages for women’s products and minimalist, dark coloured packages for products targeting men. Your gender doesn’t determine the type of skin you have and the best product formulations that are suitable for your skin. 

The myth about testosterone!

Testosterone increases oil production, but every person has certain levels of this hormone in their body, not just men!  There is no medical or scientific reason for products to be divided solely by gender. People with oily skin can use the same products as anyone with oily skin, and vice versa.

Separating skincare products by gender is mostly a marketing tool, and it can confuse many when it comes to daily skincare routines.

Gender neutral skincare lines aim to reach people regardless of gender, letting them choose the items that are the right fit for their skin type.

Get started building a routine using products catered to your skin type, and you’re much more likely to see positive results and better skin health!

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